“BVH is highly recommended. My dog (Atta) had her teeth cleaned and her knees x-rayed recently. The entire team at Broadway Veterinary Hospital was wonderful. Atta was obviously well cared for and so was her overly concerned owner (me)! We will absolutely be back!”

– Pam S., Facebook

“I seriously couldn’t be happier that I have found a place to take my furbaby that I love. The staff is so kind and courteous and care so much for all of the animals that come through their office. All staff is incredible and they always do a follow-up call to make sure everything went okay after the appointment. They are the absolute BEST.”

– Melissa W., Google

“Dr. Meade was very professional, patient, accommodating and so sweet to my cat. The free vaccines for life program was a great option, too! Very satisfied with all of the staff’s caring and friendly demeanor. So glad to be taking my cat here!”

– Chelsea C., Yelp

“This summer I chose Broadway Veterinary Hospital for my pet care. I had been taking my two, 7-year-old cats to a small cat-only practice in Durham that provided very good care. When my vet left that practice, I decided to look for a larger practice that had more specialties available. The large practice that I settled upon was not a good choice. The noise level caused mainly by barking dogs was disconcerting especially to my cats but to me also, and attention to the owners’ and pets’ well-being was lacking. On one visit I was told to wait in the lobby while my cat was examined, and another time I was asked to drop my cat off by 8am for an examination and pick him up after 4pm. My cat would be looked at “when someone had time that day”. Clearly, a large practice was not for my cats and me.I started looking for a smaller practice.

I visited a few small vet hospitals before deciding upon Broadway Veterinary Hospital. I quickly realized that BVH would provide everything my cats and I need, i.e., skilled veterinary care, a professional and caring staff, and personalized attention. BVH has a calm friendly environment and every effort is made to ensure that cats and dogs rarely if ever meet (given my experience at the large practice, this became a very important criterion). Also, the fees are more reasonable than the large practice. I had been paying for lots of services and staff that I was unlikely to use. It also occurred to me that, after almost 7 years at the other practice, I did get specialized care when needed. And, I never felt inconvenienced if the service wasn’t available at that practice. It was the quality and timeliness of the referral and the interaction between the referral doctor and mine. Looking back on my decision to consider a large practice, I don’t know why an abundance of on-site services, most of which my cats would never need, seemed that important. I highly recommend Broadway Veterinary Hospital. You’ll feel welcome, appreciated, and your pet will get the best of care.”

– Jane K., Facebook

“We’ve been taking our dog here for the past six months and have always had a great experience. Everyone at the practice is wonderful, friendly, and incredibly kind to our pup. They’ve always managed to fit us in when we’ve needed an unplanned visit. Our dog loves coming here!”

– Alyson N., Google

“The staff here is wonderful! We recently adopted a puppy, and soon noticed she had a cough/cold from the rescue place. As a new puppy parent, I panicked, but BVH was the able to see us on short notice. They were patient, knowledgeable, and kind, checking in on Nora to make sure she was recovering okay. She recovered quickly thanks to Dr. Meade’s care, and is now back to her puppy antics.  After asking around about vaccine costs from our friends, we enrolled in their vaccines for life program, which is really a great deal. Needless to say, BVH is our vet of choice”

– Jillian W., Yelp

“I took our dog Pete to see Dr. Meade and was delighted with the care she and her staff extended to both Pete and myself. She was patient, listened well, and calmed Pete down so quickly (he gets so nervous at any vet office and quivers uncontrollably). She and her staff correctly diagnosed his multiple issues and I can see that they have put him on a course that gently addressed his health problems. I will be back again for sure!”

– John S., Facebook

“The staff were really great with my dog. They seemed to enjoy how silly he is rather than getting annoyed at his energy like other vets have. Everyone was really nice, efficient and knowledgeable. They took really great care of my dog, answered all my questions, gave me choices for his care, and were upfront about the cost the whole way through (which incidentally was a much better value than other vet’s I have been to!). I could not be happier with a vet!”

– Monica F., Google

“Broadway Vet Hospital is wonderful! I brought my 10-week-old kitten in for her first check-up after I adopted her from the APS of Durham (note, at the time, they offered a free check-up if you adopted a rescue pet). Kitty needed several rounds of deworming treatments for parasites and other digestion issues.  In the process, we discovered she had several allergies, and Dr. Meade and the staff were incredibly kind, patient, and persistent in helping me address these elusive allergy issues.  Their prices are very reasonable, and the Free Vaccines for Life program is an awesome deal (and great peace-of-mind).  As a downtown Durham resident, Broadway Vet is super convenient, and I have never had any problems getting a same-day appointment. I live so close that I’ve even dropped by with kitty so the staff at Broadway Vet can “pill” her for me – that’s how accommodating they are.

Very happy to have a dependable, professional, kind-hearted vet in downtown Durham!”

– Hailey B., Yelp

“I have taken my Rottweiler puppy there sin I got her, I really like the loving staff and their professionalism. So far, so good! Plus I like the free vaccines for life program.”

– Jacky H., Facebook

“Dr. Meade and her staff make a vet visit enjoyable for both my pups! They actually enjoy going to the vet now. Dr. Meade recently preformed a surgical procedure on our twelve year old. We could not have asked for better service from diagnosis to the surgery to getting her stitches out.”

– Megan P., Google

“We could not be happier with Dr. Amber Meade and the staff at Broadway Vet.  We are long time cat owners, and two years ago adopted a new kitten from the APS. We did not want to return to North Paw Animal Hospital after an unfortunate, fatal incident with our previous cat.  Dr Meade and her staff were so kind and patient, as our new cat had some smelly digestive difficulties which took a while to resolve.  But she never lost hope that we could solve the problem, which we did!  We not only have been extremely happy with the wellness appointments, but have boarded our Flossie there on several occasions.  She never came home mad after being left there; I think she was petted and cooed over to her satisfaction.  When we adopted my mother’s cat, after Mom passed away, Broadway Vet even sent us a sympathy card, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful.  Dr. Meade knows our cats well, and her sympathetic counsel is a great comfort through all our feline healthcare needs.”

– Laura B., Yelp